Friday, March 20, 2015

Custom Leather Straps For A Hot Rod Gas Tank

Custom Leather Straps For A Hot Rod Gas Tank
It can be a damn good feeling to see the work you just put a lot of time and effort into go onto a vehicle to be appreciated. Big thanks to Jose of the Road Devils Car Club and specifically the all active military chapter the Devils Brigade for the project. Need some custom work done, send us an email ralph.knuckles at gmail.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Only A Few Days Left For Your Chance To Win The Custom Box Of Pine Stash Box From Black Eyed Vermillion


Our pal Stevie Tombstone, shot a series of video shorts with Black Eyed Vermillion's own, Gary Lindsey. Only a few days left folks for your entry in the drawing for the custom Box of Pine, stash box. All orders in by 11:59 pm Sunday night March 22nd 2015 are eligible. The drawing will take place next week to determine the winner. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hand Painted Billboards Used To Dominate The Sunset Strip In Hollywood. What Happened To Real Art?

Tommy, The Movie, Billboard
The Who created one of the most iconic billboard advertisements towering above the Sunset Strip

Hand painted billboards used to dominate the sunset strip in Hollywood throughout the 70's and then a moment in history changed everything. MTV was born and ushered in a new era on the way we consume music and pop culture.

After checking out these great hand painted billboards it only serves as a reminder as to how much an iconic album meant back in the day. Artwork was crucial to relaying a message rather then just a few key photos or illustrated lines to post to Instagram to make followers stay attentive. 

We are huge fans of albums as a package and as a way to help an album be accepted by the mass populace, but these billboards are an art form all to themselves.

1972 Ducati Laverda SFC 750 Mk1 Race Ready Motorcycle

1972 Ducati Laverda SFC 750 Mk1 Race Ready Motorcycle, right profile
Motorcycle racing is at the heart of all two wheeled culture. It doesn't matter when you hop on your trusty steed, but with the pull of the throttle, speed addiction sets in faster than the comfort zone when hitting your favorite easy chair. Seeing a bike like this up for sale, makes the internal fire for racing climb the charts and want to pull the trigger on obtaining such a perfect period piece of motorcycle racing history. Old Ducati's have a true collectible factor and this one exudes the notion.

Engineering A Minature 32 Cylinder Engine That Will Balance Pennies While Running, Is A True Work Of Modern Art

A perfectly balanced engine that pennies will not roll off of
To get something done fast, easy and cheap seems to be the modern approach to just about anything under the sun. Sadly, this lazy approach has become cancerous in so many areas, that finding anyone really putting a lot of care and effort into their work can be a daunting task. 

This is where a man by the name of José Manuel Hermo Barreiro walks into the picture and lets his work speak volumes. His work is a masters class in precision, patience and engineering and I can sit here for hours and watch this come to life over and over again. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Black Eyed Vermillion Featured On NPR, Speaking About SXSW In Austin, TX

Black Eyed Vermillion Featured On NPR, Speaking About SXSW In Austin, TX
Publicity can come from many angles, but it's even better when it pops up on a nationally syndicated radio channel. Huge props to Gary Lindsey of Black Eyed Vermillion for having an brief but on point interview on NPR and also getting the song Box Of Pine featured as a report on SXSW.

Pick up Black Eyed Vermillion's latest album

Two Great New Tracks From Good Riddance And Whitey Morgan

Here are two great new songs that are reverberating around the shop walls this week. Select cuts from punkers Good Riddance and a killer cover of Townes Van Zandt by Whitey Morgan. Definitely check these songs out.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rory Kelly Debuts New Video, Sunshine

Rory Kelly Debuts New Video, Sunshine
Work ethic and drive are two elements that anyone and everyone needs to live by when it comes to perfecting their craft. Sitting on the sidelines or on social media accounts all day and waxing poetic doesn't get the job done or really say much in the big picture. It might help to keep an audience interested, but we are talking about music and it's all about the song, the attitude and a clear direction of purpose.

With The Demise Of Starbucks Instore CD Sales, Will They Continue To Promote New Music?

Starbucks to end selling cd's in all of their store locations
What will actually be the final nail in the coffin for the mass distribution of music retail? This is a juggernaut of a question and one to which many are seeking to find answers, but with little hope of a true resurgence of the sacred ground of what was once known as a record store. We have posted numerous other blog articles about this topic and where we personally think the music industry is heading. Listen to the speech at Midem about Digital Streaming or a great mini story on Streaming by PBS.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Husky Burnette Invades Maryville, TN And The Daily Times Wrote About It

Husky Burnette Invades Maryville, TN And The Daily Times Wrote About It

View this article on The Daily Times

"Brian “Husky” Burnette tried his luck at a number of occupations when he was a younger man. He went to a vocational high school, and a couple of years after graduation, he joined a carpenter’s union. He went to college for a little bit. He even was grandfathered into a sheet metal workers’ union because of his family, but none of them fit quite as right as a guitar does in his hands.