Monday, October 5, 2015

International Bluegrass Music Association, World Of Bluegrass Is Truly A Great Event

Over the last few days we have been collecting our thoughts on all that transpired throughout the week at the International Bluegrass Music Association's conference here in Raleigh. This show is remarkable on many levels, stemming from the business conference with seminars on a plethora of topics relating to music industry sales, social media growth, promotions, etc, to the live show performances, along with the trade show aspect of the main exhibit hall, where we along with many other companies were set up. 

This was our second year, being part of the industry trade show during the IBMA's and it was quite the welcoming feeling to have music industry titans such as Nechville Banjo's and D'addario treat us as equals. We have a long way to go and a lot of new ideas upcoming for the 2016 show season and cannot wait to start the festival season once again, to showcase our great line of custom straps for banjos, guitars and mandolins.

Banjo Buck and Richard Bicknell, enjoying the good times at the IBMA's

Banjo Buck helping to make a custom strap for Richard who works with the IBMA's

Helping out a young mandolin player

Was great to have our home city of Raleigh, NC feature us on their twitter feed

Glenn Danzig Reflects On His Early Punk Days, From Rolling Stone

As Glenn Danzig preps for the release of his band's upcoming 'Skeletons' covers album, the singer stopped by Rolling Stone to discuss some of his early influences and how he emerged from New York's nascent punk scene with the Misfits. 

Dig more into the story behind the "Skeletons" album on Rolling Stone

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Husky Burnette Feature Write Up On For His Album Re-Release

Husky Burnette Feature Write Up On For His Album Re-Release

Link to original article on

"Chattanooga native Brian "Husky" Burnette creates music that has its roots wound deep around the sounds of blues and classic rock ‘n’ roll. His songs pitch and turn as each fiery rhythm is laid bare and every Southern detail is explored. His voice is steeped in the history of his native state, a melodic rebellion born of a desire to create and share a collection of personal experiences. His voice is deep and rumbling, like a storm front rolling in over the mountains, but his voice is surprisingly light and malleable—although you can be sure there’s still enough punch to knock the air from your lungs.

To go along with the deluxe rerelease of his previous record, "Tales from East End Blvd," Burnette and his label have shared a new video for album cut "That Liquor." It’s a ferocious stomper that pairs a series of sweltering guitar riffs with Burnette's inimitably brusque voice—it’s the perfect combination to convey this kind of bucolic, whiskey-soaked story. He seems born to sing this song, a rollicking, rough-around-the-edges burner that's determined to kick in your door and share some hard-earned wisdom. His raw melodies and even rougher voice take delight in the seedier moments of life and in their communal conveyance. The song introduces us to the late-night juke joint atmosphere that Burnette and his music inhabit. It's a place of smoky shadows and dangerous characters, and I can't wait to go back."

Come On In: An Interview With Husky Burnette On Real Deep Blues

Come On In: An Interview With Husky Burnette On Real Deep Blues
"Husky Burnette's Tales From East End Blvd has been re-released with four new songs- two covers and two originals, each played with Husky's signature grinding stomp and holler. I asked Husky for a run down of the tracks:

Best I Can is a fictional tune about the age old subject in Blues about having big women, ugly women, etc. 

Butter My Cornbread is straight up about getting it on. Nothing more, nothing else. Just sweating it out! 

Skinny Woman is an RL Burnside tune I've been playing since I started this solo thing. 

So Doggone Lonesome is a Johnny Cash cover. We worked it up as one of our 3 songs to play at a Johnny Cash Birthday Bash one year and we dug it so much that we wanted it recorded."

Husky Burnette Is Receiving Great New Press For His Re-Issued Album, Tales From East End Blvd.

Husky Burnette Is Receiving Great New Press For His Re-Issued Album, Tales From East End Blvd.

Husky Burnette is receiving some great new press for his current re-release of his stellar album, Tales From East End Blvd. Listen to an interview with him on It Burns When I Pee

"We are pleased to have this guy on the show. Rusty Knuckles recording artist Husky Burnette comes on the show to talk about re-issuing his latest album, “Tales From East End Blvd” which will feature 4 bonus tracks. During the interview we chat about his song, “East End Blvd” as well as a new album he will be releasing later this year. We also talk about writing songs in the Blues genre, his songwriting process, and of course guitars. We also talk about how he got into playing guitar and his experiences in the recording studio with each album. Husky Burnette the real deal and if you are into blues or roots music he is a must to check out. -"

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bike Run, Canceled Due To Crappy Weather

Freedom Road Bike Run, Canceled Due To Crappy Weather
Planning bike runs can be quite fun and then other times, it sure as hell just disintegrates right in front of your eyes. We had been planning on having the Freedom Road bike run start in Norfolk, VA and head into Philly for our big blowout party on Saturday the 26th, but mother nature decided to throw us a tropical storm system. Hopefully we will still see yall in Philly and for everyone that was lined up to roll on the run, gonna have to just postpone the trip for another date.

Here is all the info about the bands playing and full location for the band showcase

Stevie Tombstone Sings The Troubadour Blues, Along With Ralph White For The Altco Sessions

Stevie Tombstone Sings The Troubadour Blues, Along With Ralph White For The Altco Sessions

Photographer Jeff Harris has been working with Stevie Tombstone and Ralph White as of late on the Altco Sessions and has been welcomed into the crew this year. He recently followed Stevie T and Ralph White to Marfa, Texas where they kicked off a national tour / rolling recording session in September 2015. The trio gathered some candid shots during songwriting and recording breaks as well as some good dashboard scenery. The song Troubadour Blues was originally written and published almost a decade ago and finally saw light in the midst of an impromptu recording session at South Austin's Million Dollar Sound. The core session features longtime friend and bassist John Duer and Daughter of Country Music legend Shelli Coe on backing vocals. Stevie decided to track the tune on a whim and the rest of the pieces fell into place with the timely additon of ex-Bad Liver Ralph Whites classic fiddle style and Banjo tracks phoned in as they say by Buck Thrailkill. The single Troubadour Blues is available on from Altco Recordings.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Husky Burnette Launches New Video For The Song, That Liquor

Husky Burnette Launches New Video For The Song, That Liquor
Husky Burnette has finished up a few great things before he is about to unleash his brand new album. One of those great items is a repackaged version of his current album and to release a live video for the track, That Liquor. Do yourself a favor and pour a stiff drink for this one. Filmed live at Brew & Cue in Chattanooga, TN it was a wild night and one in which you get to see just how Husky gets the crowd moving to that low down and dirty style of blues that has become his calling card.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Music That Is Resonating In Our Ear Drums For The Week Of 9.25.15 including Turnstile, Anaal Nakthrakh, Primordial, Hark, Behemoth, Elle King, Clutch, Wildlights and Nathanile Rateliff

Needing some new tunes for which to get your groove on? In our forever search of new, different and enjoyable. Here is a random selection of tracks to which we have been enjoying over the last few weeks, including Turnstile, Clutch, Anaal Nakthrakh, Primordial, Hark, Nathaniel Rateliff, Elle King, Wildlights and more...

It's Great To See A Review For Outlaw Country Artist's Such As Whitey Morgan To Get A Review On The Needle Drop

It's great to see outlaw country artist's such as Whitey Morgan get a review on the youtube channel The Needle Drop. This is good for several reasons. Anthony reviews a ton of albums and also churns up a ton of views on his channel so it is guaranteed to get picked up by a lot of other media channels. The other element that is damn cool is how straight forward he is within the review and about the music itself. 

Many times I can be personally at odds with a review as sometimes the description can be just about one particular song and not look at the album as a whole. Anthony really dives in to each album and talks on them with a deep listen and it shows when within his descriptions. Kudo's to Whitey on the great album and getting a solid review outside of the main country areas.